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Reasons to buy Jule Precast Gels!


 2D Gels

 2D Gels for Ettan Dalt, BioRad,etc.


 Tris-Glycine Gels.

 TBE and TBE-Urea Gels.

 Tricine Gels, for small proteins.

 Tris Acetate Gels for large proteins.

 Blue Native Gels.

 Buffers, Running and Sample.

 Protein Standards.

 Buffer System Selection.

 Glass Plates

 Containers, Staining, Destaining

 Gradient Formers.

 Empty Snap-Gel Cassettes




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Precast Large Gel Quick Guide

Precast Mini Gel Quick Guide

Long Life Mini Gel Quick Guide

Gel Manual & Trouble Shooting Guide

Gradient Former Manual



Long Life Tris-Glycine Mini Snap-Gels (TM)

12 month shelf life

Uses Tris-Glycine Running Buffer

Standard Laemmli Gels Still Available

Pour your own gels in empty cassettes!

Pour your own gels into empty cassettes.

Mini or large size gels. What does your sample need? Large size Gels for BioRad Apparatus for 1D and 2D
TBE and TBE-Urea Gels for DNA, HDL, and LDL.

12 month shelf life

Large size Gels for Hoefer/GE Healthcare Equipment
2D Gels using Cy Dyes for Ettan Dalt, BioRad  and other equipment. Large Gels for Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis. 2D electrophoresis gel run.
About Jule, Inc.
Jule, Inc. (also known as Jule Biotechnologies, Inc.) is a manufacturer of Precast Gels, Gradient Formers and other electrophoresis products.  We have been selling electrophoresis gels since 1986.  Jule, Inc.  provides affordable, high quality products that save scientific researchers time and money.   All products are made in the U.S.A.